Reader matter:

i have recognized this lady for about a couple of years today (why don’t we call her Ariel). We turned into great pals.

I then found out Ariel broke up with her date, and so I noticed this as my personal possibility to move around in. We had been texting both and I finished up advising the girl how I believed. She said, “i’m very sorry easily mislead you, but I’m not actually interested in anybody today.”

Should I just try to proceed, or can I have patience, loose ticougar women near me waiting for her in order to get over her separation and try to be there on her behalf?

-Derryck (Pennsylvania)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Dear Derryck,

Very first mistake had been texting important feelings. It gave this lady an easy out. It is much easier to write words of getting rejected rather than state all of them.

The next time, have more face and cellphone time and perform some enjoyable tasks that will perhaps not appear like traditional dates. Then you’ll know by her visual communication and the body vocabulary if she likes you.

As for this gal, sorry to break it for you, you most likely blew it.

The only thing can help you now’s act indifferent to the lady and go out with other girls. She might see you have not already been seeing the girl, and that could peak the woman interest.

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